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Song Settings

In Charts by WorshipTools, there are various view options you can modify per each song:

To get to these options, open up the song and click on the song title at the top of the Charts app. This article will walk through the Song Settings.

Song Settings

Edit Song

The Edit Song option will open a pop-up window where you can change the song details (such as title and artists), manage attachments, and access the ChordPro® editor. You can view documentation for the ChordPro® editor here.


Changing the Key option transposes all the chords in a song to the desired key. Below, the song has been changed from the original key of D to a new key of B♭.


Changing the Tempo (measured in beats per minute, BPM) displays the new tempo in the top left section of the chart, with the original tempo faded out. In addition to this visual change, the built-in metronome (accessed via the metronome icon in the top right corner) will click to the new tempo.

In the image below, notice that the tempo was changed from 96 BPM to 130 BPM.

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