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Importing Bible XMLs

If you don't see the translation you're looking for from our list of provided translations, you can manually import XML Bibles for use with Presenter. XMLs are a special file type, similar to PDFs or mp3s. You can start searching for a specific XML on this site, but you may need to do a broader search on the Internet. Please note that some translations are easier to find in XML while others may not exist at all.

If you're able to obtain an XML version of your desired translation, click the ⚙ gear icon in the top right corner of Presenter, then Settings. Under the Bibles tab on the left, click Import Bible. Once the import is complete, you should be good to go. Now, occasionally, there are XMLs that aren't coded properly. In this case, Presenter may have some trouble working with that file. If you're having issues with an XML file, reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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