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Importing from SongSelect

For SongSelect users, Music Stand by WorshipTools allows easy importing of lyrics and chord sheets (including ChordPro® with a few simple steps.

Click the + Add Song button from the left cue list. On the Add Song pop-up window, you can search SongSelect's database of lyrics and chord charts, as well as songs in your existing library. Make sure SongSelect is selected and begin typing the song in the search box.

Results will populate below, with the more popular listings closer to the top. Find the one you're looking for and click on it to import.

In the image above, notice the flat symbol (♭) and speech bubble icons to the right of each SongSelect song. The ♭ indicates that there are chord charts available for this song in SongSelect. The speech bubble indicates lyrics. Some songs (like "Amazing Grace" by John Newton) may only have lyrics available in SongSelect, so the chords won't be available for use in Music Stand. 

For more tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Music Stand, make sure to check out our other articles.

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