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SongSelect Chords Not Importing

You may run into an issue where you import a worship song from CCLI's SongSelect® but Charts says there are no chords available. You've checked the SongSelect® website and it clearly states that chords are available for this particular song. So, why is Charts not importing the chord chart into your setlist?

SongSelect provides two different types of chord files: chord PDFs and ChordPro®. Charts imports data from the latter.

While many SongSelect® songs have both chord types available on file, some only have the PDF. When this occurs, go ahead and import the song as usual. Once the song is in your setlist, tap the song title at the top and click "Edit Song." On the next page, you'll find an option to Import Chord Chart PDF from SongSelect under the Edit menu. Once you tap that button, Charts will take a couple of seconds to bring the PDF over, and the "Save" button will deactivate (grey itself out) while this is happening. When your chart is ready, you'll notice you are able to hit the "Save" button and exit this page. Now that the PDF is imported, you can find it on the song's "Source" page.

You can also follow the steps in our Adding Attachments article to manually upload chord charts and other song sheets from SongSelect or other sources.

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