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Screens and Displays

Livestream Setup

(The YouTube video above contains a lag between video and audio. For better video quality, please watch on Facebook.

This article will walk you through how to stream your Presenter display with a live video camera and lyrics/Scripture overlaid on top of that video.  This can be done with free software resources, all from the same computer you run Presenter on. Once your stream is set up, you can publish it to Facebook Live, YouTube, etc. Let's get started!

Note: you will need a video camera and an interface to bring the video camera feed into your computer.

  1. Set up your Presenter service with all the media, songs, etc. that you would like to show during the live stream.

  2. Make sure your second display is active. You may need to connect your projector or TV.

  3. For song lyrics and Scripture foregrounds that you'd like to overlay on top of your live video, we recommend using a Lower Third template. This style resembles subtitles on a movie, placing the text closer to the bottom (lower third) of the screen. Check out this doc to learn more about creating templates if you don't have one made already: Creating Lyric/Scripture Templates.

  4. Set all backgrounds to "None" (black).

  5. Download and install OBS ( This free app will handle the live video stream.

  6. In OBS, add a new Scene (click the plus sign icon under Scenes) and call it "Camera." Then add your video capture device as its source.

    Once the feed has been added, you'll see it in the preview.

  7. Add another new scene, and this time, select Window Capture as the source. (Note: if Window Capture is blank, try Display Capture and select the screen WorshipTools is displaying to).

  8. Select WorshipTools Display for the window.

    Now you have two scenes to switch between, your live camera and Presenter, both full screen when shown.

  9. Add a third scene. This scene should contain both your video camera source and Presenter.  Under "Sources," Window Capture should be above your Camera Feed.

  10. Under Sources, right-click Window Capture and choose Filters.

  11. Add the Color Key effect and drag the Similarity slider to 1000. This will filter out the black background, leaving just the foreground text.

  12. Now, you're ready to stream! You have three scenes you can switch between during your service: 1. your camera, 2. Presenter, and 3. Presenter over your camera feed (as pictured below).

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