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Creating and Using Custom Fields

WorshipTools Community allows church leaders to keep a list of church members and manage their contact information and other details that may be helpful to have on file. Community has several useful fields pre-loaded for you to use, but you can also create custom fields to enter more information about your congregants. For example, you might use a custom field to make note of which people are part of the Youth Group, the date in which they were baptized, or what community group they're a part of.


To create custom fields, head to the "Custom Fields" page from the left navigation menu and click the purple "+ Custom Field" button in the upper right corner.

For each custom field, you can select from four field types: Text, Date, Select, and People.

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 12.50.44 PM.png

  • Text allows you to enter freeform text into the field, which can be used to leave notes on a person's file.

  • Date can be used to enter dates beyond the provided Birthday and Anniversary options.

  • Select allows you to designate a set of multiple choice options that can be selected per each person.

  • People allows you to link people to other people such as family members, small group leaders, etc.

Once you've created your custom fields, you can start entering data for people with the custom fields, and use the fields to create custom filters for faster sorting.

To import people in bulk from a CSV or Excel file, follow the instructions on [this article]{/en-us/docs/143-cm-importing). Any users in your Planning account will automatically be synced into Community.