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Managing User App Access

In WorshipTools Community, you can manage permission levels and app access for each active user on your WorshipTools account.

*Users are those who are registered with an email and password login through the Planning app. Not every church attendee listed on your Community People page will be an active user. You can see all your active users on the People page of Planning.


Permission Levels

User permission levels can be managed in both Planning and Community for anyone with a registered WorshipTools user login on the account. Any people added to Community with a matching WorshipTools user profile in Planning will be automatically linked together. You can see this under the Permissions tab of a person's Community profile, as shown in the screenshot above. If they are not linked automatically, you'll have the option to link them manually.

Once a Community person is linked to a WorshipTools user, you can manage their permission levels using the "Global Permissions" dropdown in the box on the right. To learn more about user permission levels, see this article.

App Access

Unlike in Planning, you can manage what apps each user has access to from the Community Permissions tab. For example, in the screenshot above, the user has access to Planning, Charts, and Community, but not Presenter. This is indicated by the greyed Presenter logo.

Access to any of the apps can be disabled for users with Editor permissions or lower. Admins and Org Admins have full access to all apps by nature of their permission level. Their app access cannot be modified.