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Creating Song/Scripture Templates

Presenter by WorshipTools comes with three preset templates for song lyrics and Scripture slides: Default Template, Lower Third Template, and Trendy Line Template (reference the image below).

It also offers the ability to create custom templates to suit your ministry's projection needs and stylistic preferences.

To access templates, start by clicking on Songs at the top of the Presenter app, then click Templates in the top right corner of the Songs pane. 

To modify an existing template, select it from the list, make your changes, and Save. To make a new template, click Create New, give the template a name in the text box above the Formatting tab, customize the template with the various formatting options, and Save.

Templates can be applied to any song or Scripture item. You can even set different templates to different outputs/screens. For example, your in-house audience may see the Default Template, while your online attendees are seeing the Lower Third Template over a video feed of the sanctuary. To learn how to do this, check out the Override Foreground Template section of the article regarding multiple output screens.

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