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Editing Songs

Each song in your Planning Song library has various fields that can be edited or customized. To get to these options, click Create Song or choose an existing song from your Song library. Then, click Edit in the top right corner of the song page.

Along the left of the editing page, you'll see the song’s official details: Title, Author(s), Copyright details, and CCLI Song Number. These fields should be filled out in accordance with copyright regulations and licensing terms. Right below these are fields for Default Song Key, Time Signature, Default Tempo, and Length. These fields may be customized. For example, if the song is originally performed in the key of C, but your band typically plays it in the key of B, you can save the Default Song Key as B.

The rest of the page is split up into various sections and tabs, which you can read more about below.


Presenter Lyrics

The Lyrics tab on this page directly correlates with the lyrics slides in Presenter. Edit your lyrics here, making sure to organize lyrics by sections: Verse 1, Chorus, Bridge, Tag, etc. Each section equates to a slide in Presenter, so if you enter 4 lines per section, your lyrics slides will have 4 lines per slide. This can always be adjusted in Presenter and you don't need worry about the arrangement of the lyrics here, as that will also be determined in Presenter.

Charts ChordPro

The ChordPro tab directly correlates with lyrics and chords in Planning’s Rehearse tab and in the Charts app. So, if your church uses both Presenter and Charts, you will want to make sure that both the Lyrics and ChordPro tabs here are filled out.

To edit the ChordPro, click Edit under the Charts tab. This will open up the built-in ChordPro® editor. If there are lyrics present in the Lyrics tab, those lyrics will automatically load into the ChordPro editor, so all you have to do is add in the chords, if desired. (If you happen to open the editor before adding lyrics to the Lyrics tab, close the editor, go back to the Lyrics tab, and enter the lyrics there. Then, re-open the ChordPro editor and erase everything in it. Close the editor and reopen it one last time and this should load the lyrics in.)

When you close out of the ChordPro editor, keep in mind your changes are not saved until you hit the red Save button on the top right of the Song - Editing Song screen. To learn more about proper ChordPro® formatting, check out this article.)

SongSelect Premium users: please note that not all songs are available in the ChordPro format in SongSelect's library. To read more about that, click here.


Here, you can upload supplemental PDF attachments for viewing in Charts. In Charts, these attachments will be available on the Source Menu.

*If importing from SongSelect, Lead Sheets and Vocal Sheets can be accessed directly in Charts under the Source Menu.


Link YouTube videos, upload .mp3 files, or choose from the provided Spotify and Apple Music options to curate a selection of recordings for listening and rehearsal purposes. These files will be accessible to scheduled team members on the Services > Rehearse tab when the given song is added to a service. This helps ensure that your team references and learns the same version of the song, as there are often various versions of the same song out there. (If you link more than one version/arrangement, you can specify which one the team should reference for the given service on the Notes section of that service item.)

Loop Community Tracks

Loop Community is a great source for backing tracks. If you have a CCLI Song Number saved on this song, this link will take you to the song’s page on the Loop Community’s website so that you can purchase and download tracks. Loop Community tracks do not import into Planning or otherwise connect with WorshipTools apps.

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