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Screens and Displays

Setting Up Your Screen

WorshipTools Presenter was designed for building service presentations and sharing them with your church, whether you gather in the sanctuary, in a home, in a classroom, or even online. This article will walk you through the initial setup of your main audience screen.

Preparing the Screen

Start by making sure that your external display (i.e. projector, TV, etc.) is properly connected to the Presenter computer. You can check this by opening your computer's display settings. While you're there, you'll also need to turn off screen mirroring.

More instructions for turning off screen mirroring: Extended Desktop (Windows) / Extended Desktop (Mac)

Configuring the Screen in Presenter

With your external display properly connected and screen mirroring turned off, open Presenter and head to the Screen Configuration settings page. To get there, click the screen icon in the upper right corner (left of the gear icon) and click Configure.

Under Screen Configuration, there's a box on the left containing options for Main Audience Output and Stage Display. These are your Presenter screens – essentially, the presentation itself and how it's formatted for the main audience versus the stage team.

Click Main Audience Output from that left box and then look over to the right where it says Display. Click Display 1 and then clickSave to route that Main Audience Output to your external display. Once that's done, you should be able to fire your presentation and see it on the big screen. Now, you're all ready to start (or continue) building your lyrics, Scripture, and sermon slides.

These instructions are for setting up just one main screen. If your church needs to present to multiple displays or you're interested in setting up the Stage Display confidence monitor, please check out the Multiple Output Screens article or check out the other relevant articles in our Support Docs.

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