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Connecting to Other Devices

Charts can connect to other devices running Charts, or any desktop computers running Presenter. Doing so will designate a host device to control page turns for the other Charts devices connected to it, allowing for a synchronized and "hands-free" experience.

The following sections detail how to allow connections to your device, and how to set up connections to other devices.

Becoming the Host Device

Allowing Connections From Other Devices

To allow connections from other devices, click the menu icon (the three horizontal lines) in the top left of the screen. Then, click Connect to Device at the bottom. This will open a Select Device pop-up window as pictured:


To allow other users on your team to find and connect to your device, turn on the Make my device discoverable option. When you toggle the button on, it will save your settings and dismiss the pop-up window. Now, your device is the host device, controlling page turns for all the devices connected to yours.

On the left menu, it will now say "Turn off device discovery." Turning device discovery off will hide your device and also disconnect anyone that was connected to you.

Connecting to a Host Device


Back on the Select Device window, there is a list of host devices that are available for you to connect to. It also indicates whether each device is running Presenter or Charts (as pictured above). "No active sessions found" means there are no host devices available to connect to. If the device you are looking for isn't showing, make sure that that host device is set to "discoverable."

After clicking on an option, your device will automatically be synced to the song and page that the host device is on. Whenever the host device changes pages or songs, your device will also be automatically updated. There will be a green indicator dot next to the current item in the service order, as selected by the host device (pictured above).

To end the connection, simply click Disconnect from [device name] on the bottom left of the menu.

Notes for Connected Devices

  • You must be on the same service to receive host device events.
  • The device connections are per device, so if some of the team members prefer not to connect to a host device, they can opt not to do so.
  • Connecting to a host device does not remove your ability to operate Charts normally. You will still be able to change songs and pages independently without affecting the host device. Just note that your position will be auto-updated whenever the host device makes changes, which may interrupt whatever you were doing.
  • You must have the same formatting options selected to receive page change events from a host device. For example, if the host device is viewing a song in 2 column format and your device is in 1 column format, the host device might have fewer pages per song. In this situation synchronized page changes within a song are disabled, but switching between songs will sync correctly.