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Slides Editor

With Presenter by WorshipTools, you can import slides from PowerPoint and Google Slides for projecting, but you can also create slides directly from within the program.

First, select  Create Slides under the Slides option in the top menu of Presenter. Select one of the three templates to get started. If you select either the Title or Title and Content templates, there will be a few text/media boxes available for you to work with. 

To move a box, single-click anywhere within the box, then drag and drop the box where you'd like it to go. To adjust the size of the box, hover your mouse at one of its four edges, and the cursor will turn into a straight black arrow. With this arrow, click and drag the edge of the box to your desired width or height. 

To add a new box, click any empty area of the slide (any space that is not boxed) and drag your cursor. Once you let go, a new box will be created.

Each box can be assigned to hold either Text or Media under the Box Type in the slides toolbar. If you select Media, you can choose from any images or videos that are already in your Media Library or import new ones. Once the media is selected for the slide, make sure to adjust any other settings such as Image Scaling, Video Audio, and Video Loop. Then, Save your changes.

If your box is a Text type, you can format your font, font size, colors, etc. in the Text Formatting tab on the toolbar.

The example image below illustrates a slide being created in Presenter (left) and what it looks like when projected to the audience (right).

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