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Miscellaneous Features

Sending Alerts to Screens

In Presenter, alerts allow you to send messages to the audience or to just the stage team on the fly. As such, it's a great resource for incorporating last-minute changes during a service.

Sending an Alert to the Audience

First, make sure that a service is open. Then, click More from the Presenter toolbar at the top and select Alert. You can also use the F7 key on your keyboard to open the Alert window.

With the Alert window open, type your alert/message in the Text field, edit the font, and drag the text around on the black preview screen to position it on the screen. The  Show Alert button will then shoot the text over whatever is currently on the screen.

The alert will remain on the screens until you click Hide Alert.

It's important to note that the alert will display on top of whatever is already being projected on the screen. In the example image above, the "Welcome!" alert is being projected over a motion graphic. That being said, you'll want to make sure that the audience's display screen is clear of any images or text that may clash with your alert. You can use the F12 shortcut key to clear the display screen to a clean, all-black screen to shoot your alert over. Alternatively, you can position and size your alert so that it does not clash with whatever text is currently on the screen.

Sending an Alert to Stage Display

To send an alert to the Stage Display or the Stage Display mobile app, press F9. Or, if you have the Alert window open, you can also click the Stage Display Alert button in the bottom left corner. This will open the Stage Display Alert window to type and send your message. Messages sent out to the Stage Display will only be visible to the stage team and not the larger audience. (Make sure you have Stage Display enabled on Presenter.)

Here's an example of what an alert will look like on the Stage Display mobile app. The example below uses the alert function to notify the band that there are 5 baptisms remaining and that the band should adjust the worship set accordingly, if necessary.

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