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ChordPro® in Planning

If you're not already familiar with ChordPro®, please review our What is ChordPro® article under our Charts Docs. You can also find a list of all our supported directives here.

Just like our Charts mobile app, WorshipTools's Planning app has a built-in ChordPro® Editor, so you can now edit chord charts from mobile and desktop devices. Thanks to cloud-sync, all your ChordPro edits will be easily accessible across both programs.

To get to the ChordPro Editor in Planning, navigate to the Songs page from the left menu (or the Songs icon on the bottom of the mobile app). Open the song you'd like to work on, then click on the Chords tab (pictured below). There, it will show you the current arrangement of your chord chart


To start editing the chart, click Edit in the top right corner of the song page. When the page reloads into "Song - Editing" mode, click the Edit button that now appears within the Chords tab. This will take you right to the ChordPro Editor on Planning.

Using the Editor

While you can manually type in any chord changes (make sure to follow proper formatting), there are a few buttons available that may aid your editing process, especially if you are newer to using ChordPro.

At the top of the editor, you'll see various buttons for Chord, Tag, Undo, Redo, as well as some quick-access chord buttons to some common chords in the key of the song. Clicking on those chord buttons will insert the selected chord wherever your cursor is currently placed. If you want to insert a chord that isn't available for quick selection, use the Chord dropdown box to select different chords – you can even select between Major, minor, or 7. Use the Tag dropdown to insert any new sections or information.

When you are all done, Close out of the window.

Now, the Chords area will show you a preview of the chord chart with all your new edits. Note that it hasn't officially saved your changes yet, as you are still in "Song - Editing" mode. Go back to the Editor if you need to make any other changes, but if all looks good, click the red Save button at the top right of the page. Now, when you open this song in a service on Charts or in Planning, the song's chord chart will display with your edits!

If you already have ChordPro files on your computer, you can import them into Planning in bulk: Import ChordPro. If you'd like to learn about how to edit ChordPro in Charts, check out this article: ChordPro® in Charts.

WorshipTools does not provide ChordPro files, but our app is one of few that are capable of properly converting ChordPro into a chord chart. You can either write the ChordPro manually or find existing ChordPro resources from other online outlets to use with the Planning editor.

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