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Whether you're using the web version or the mobile app, Planning by WorshipTools makes it super easy to communicate with your team without ever leaving the app. To get started, just click the Messages button from the left (web version), or tap the speech bubble icon at the bottom (mobile app). Click "New Message," search and select everyone you want to include, and start typing!

You can also send messages from the Services page. This is a quick way to communicate with those who are invited to serve on a particular service. With the service open, navigate to the People tab and find the "Message" button in the upper left corner. You can even choose whether to message everyone on the schedule or those on a particular team. (Users who have declined will not receive the message.)


Those who have the mobile app installed will receive push notifications for Messages if the app is not already open. If anyone missed the chat, they'll get an email containing the unread contents of the thread. To turn the email notifications off, users can go to their Planning settings and uncheck the "Email" checkbox for "Someone sends me a message." Unchecking the "Mobile" box will turn off the mobile push notifications.

Only Admins and Editors are able to start Message threads. Must have WorshipTools Pro or Pro Plus.

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