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PraiseCharts Integration

WorshipTools' digital Charts app allows users to bring in lyrics, chords, and sheet music from various sources, including PraiseCharts. To start, navigate to the Charts Settings page, look for "PraiseCharts Connection," and sign in to your church's PraiseCharts account. (This step must be completed by an Org Admin.)

With PraiseCharts connected, create or open a service and begin adding songs. On the "Add Song" pop-up window, you'll see a search bar at the top, plus options to view results from SongSelect, PraiseCharts, or Your Library. Tap the PraiseCharts option and search for the song you'd like to add.


In the list of results, you'll notice that some songs have a checkmark off to the right, and some do not. Songs with the checkmark are ones that have already been purchased to your church's PraiseCharts account. This means your church already owns materials for those songs and you can easily import them into Charts for viewing.

If you choose a song that does not have a checkmark, you will receive a pop-up message with an option to purchase parts for the song through PraiseCharts. If you choose to purchase, Charts will redirect you to PraiseCharts' website where you can review the materials, add them to the cart, and manually initiate the purchase process. (Charts will not make any purchases.)

Once your song is loaded into the Charts setlist, you're ready to start playing! To change the source of music at any time, click on the title of the song at the top of the screen, tap under "Source," and find your other materials. (On this screen, you will only be able to select sources that have already been added to your Song Library.)


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