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Calendar Integrations

One of the many benefits of Planning by WorshipTools is that users can integrate their scheduled services with their personal Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook accounts.

Before users begin linking calendars, the account will need to be set to the right time zone. Planning sets all accounts to the Eastern Time Zone by default, so service times may show incorrectly on the linked calendars if this step isn't completed. The time zone must be updated by an Admin or Org Admin, as it affects everyone on the account. As such, it only needs to be done once. To get to the settings, the Admin can click their profile details in the top right corner of the Planning site and select  Settings. There, choose the most accurate time zone for the ministry's location.

Once the time zone is set for the account, users can connect to their calendars from their Planning Dashboard page. Click Subscribe, choose the correct calendar program from the given options, and approve WorshipTools to be added. Once that's done, any services that a user has accepted a role for will show on their calendar.

Please note that each calendar program has its own refresh/update rates. Changes to services on Planning might not show immediately on your calendar.

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