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Charts Web App

WorshipTools's Charts can be downloaded as an app on Apple and Android mobile devices, but it is also accessible online through the Planning web app. This means you can access Charts on laptops, computers, Surface tablets, and other devices with an Internet browser.

To get started, open Planning on your preferred browser and open up a service. There, you will find tabs for Rehearse and Charts. On the Rehearse tab, Charts is embedded within the context of Planning, so you can view sheets, listen to attached recordings, edit the song, etc. without leaving the native Planning app.

The Charts tab, on the other hand, opens a new browser tab or window with the web version of Charts. This allows you to view the sheets fullscreen without the extra settings and resources available in Planning. This is a great resource for those who don't have Android or Apple mobile devices to download and use the mobile app. It's also great for those who prefer to view the sheets on a larger screen.

The web version of Charts can only be accessed through Planning and will only show songs from the selected service. To view songs from another service, please go back to Planning, open the correct service, and click on the Charts tab.

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