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Screens and Displays

Multiple Output Screens

With Presenter by WorshipTools, you can set multiple output screens, each with a different visual layout. There's no limit to how many – Presenter can use as many displays as you have connected to your computer.

(Watch the video here for better quality.)

Screen Configuration Settings

To set up your screens in Presenter, click on the  gear icon in the top right, then Settings. Then, click Screen Configuration from the left column.

Main Audience Output and Stage Display are factory default Presenter screens that you can select from. Main Audience Output is your main audience display, typically the main projector or TV in the sanctuary and Stage Display is a confidence monitor.

If you have any physical displays connected to your computer, they will show up under Display on the right-hand section of the Screen Configuration settings. In the example image below, there are two external screens connected to the Presenter computer, identified as Display 1 and Display 2. Please note that Presenter automatically excludes the computer itself as a Display option.

Begin by selecting your output from the left, then select which Display you want that output to project to. For example, if your church doesn't use a Stage Display, you would select Stage Display from the left, and click Off under Display. Make sure to Save the settings.

Adding a New Screen

In the image above, a new screen labeled "Livestream - Lower Third Lyrics" was manually added. To add a new screen, click  + Add Screen. Each new screen allows you to project to another physical display. You can even alter the visual format per each screen (refer to the "Override Foreground Template" below).

Again, designate which display you want this screen to go to. If Main Audience Output is already using Display 1 and Stage Display is using Display 2, you can set the Livestream - Lower Third Lyrics screen to a Window display. (Read more about the Window display option here.)

Finish selecting the other settings for your new screen and make sure to Save.

Override Foreground Template

Under the display settings, note the option to Override foreground template. This is where you can designate a different visual format for the text being displayed on the selected screen. 

In the example image above, the Livestream - Lower Third Lyrics screen is set to override the default template using the Lower Third template. Presenter will apply the selected Lower Third template to text* going out on the Livestream - Lower Third Lyrics screen without affecting the visual formatting on the other screens. 

*Template override is only compatible with lyric and Scripture service items, not with Slides, PowerPoint, or Google Slides.

You can see this in action in the image below - Presenter and the main Audience Screen are projecting centered lyrics, but with the override setting, the Livestream window shows lyrics towards the bottom, in the lower third style. This is most commonly used to show lyrics over a livestream video recording.

To use multiple output screens, WorshipTools Pro or Pro Plus is required.

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