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Scheduling People to Services

On Planning by WorshipTools, you can schedule people to services by either opening up each service individually from the Services page or using the Scheduling Matrix to schedule multiple services at once. This article will walk through scheduling people under the first method.

Before you begin, make sure you created roles and added people to your People roster. Reference the Intro to Roles and Intro to People articles for more details.

To get started, go to the Services page and open up the service you want to schedule. Right below the service details, click on the People tab. Now, go down the list of roles for each role group and + Add Person until you have filled all the roles you need for that service. (It is not required to fill every role listed.)

Planning will not notify the users of their role assignments until you hit the Send Invites button in the top right corner of this tab, so feel free to play around with different placements before finalizing your selections. The Send Invites button serves as a confirmation that you are done selecting roles. It also prompts Planning to email all the scheduled individuals with an invitation to either accept or decline their assignments. Role assignments will not show on a user's Dashboard until their assignments are finalized and they've been sent an invite.

You can also send selective invites using the Send now button under each user. This button will not show under users that have already received or responded to an invite.

Lastly, notice the green, red, and grey icons in the image below. These indicate whether someone has accepted, declined, or not yet responded to a request to serve. You'll encounter these icons in various places across Planning. If someone declines your invitation to serve, simply invite someone else to fill that role.

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