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Services and Service Items

Inherit Background

In WorshipTools Presenter, you can mix and match different backgrounds with different foregrounds to complete a slide item. The "Inherit Background" feature is a tool that you can use to apply one seamless background across multiple foreground items. This is particularly helpful if you show a live camera feed behind song lyrics, but can be used for other purposes as well.

This feature is called "Inherit Background" because a particular service item is inheriting the background from the item above it. You can have multiple consecutive items inheriting the same background but the first item in the series must have the specific background applied in order for the inheriting to work.

In the screenshot below, notice that the media item "Sepsun 01" is applied as the background for 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus. The song after it, Great is Thy Faithfulness, has a down-facing arrow to the left of it's name in the service, indicating that it is inheriting the Sepsun 01 background from the item above it. This can be done by selecting the checkbox for "Inherit Background" under the "None" background option.



Using the Bulk Editor

The Inherit Background setting can also be applied through the Bulk Editor. Select the items you'd like to apply the setting to, check "Set Background," then "Inherit Background," and "Apply." Notice in this case, It is Well With My Soul has the background applied with The Old Rugged Cross and Amazing Grace inheriting its background.


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