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Service Reminders

Set up automated service reminders in WorshipTools Planning so that your staff and volunteers can be reminded of their upcoming schedules. To set this up, head to Services > Service Types in Planning. From there, click on the pencil icon for the Service Type you'd like to set reminders for. You can have up to five reminders for each Service Type.

Users will receive reminders if they have accepted a role in a particular service or if they have been invited but have not yet accepted or declined the invitation. Those who have declined to serve in that service will not receive the reminders. Reminders are sent via email and/or mobile push notifications, and these settings can be managed under each user's Planning Settings page.

Note: notifications go out at the top of the hour. For example, if your service is scheduled for 11:30am with a reminder set for "an hour prior," the reminder will go out at 10:00am

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