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Font Colors and Size

Adjust font colors and size in WorshipTools Charts to make your lyrics and chords easier to read! To customize your music, head to your Charts Settings page.


You can choose a different color for Chords, Section Labels, and Lyrics. The colors you choose will apply to all sheets in your library.

When customizing colors, you will also see an option called "Dark Mode Shift." This affects the color of your sheet when your device goes into Dark Mode. The settings are as follows:

  • Preserve Colors: the color remains the same regardless of whether the device is in Light or Dark Mode
  • Shift Colors: the selected color inverts when the device switches into Dark Mode
  • Ignore Colors: the colors default back to white when the device switches into Dark Mode



Choose between Normal, Large, and X-Large font size options. Note that changing the font size may affect any existing annotations on your sheets.


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