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Cue Lists and Cues

Backgrounds and Foregrounds

Cues are the essential building blocks of the Presenter app. Cues are made up of two main elements - Background and Foregrounds - that are matched together to complete a cue (what the audience will see). Backgrounds include any images, videos, motion graphics, web pages, etc. that sit in the back of the cue. Foreground options include lyrics, Bible passages, slides, etc. and they sit on top of whatever background you select.

You can also have "blank" cues that don't contain any backgrounds or foregrounds (great as transition slides), as well as cues that only have one or the other. This allows for endless customization options when designing service presentations!

When creating lyrics slides, please note that the backgrounds must be attached at the cue level, not the song level.

To get a quick intro to the difference between cue lists and cues, check out this article. Learn more about advanced cue editing functions here.

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