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SongSelect Integration

All three WorshipTools apps – Presenter, Music Stand, and Planning – connect to CCLI's SongSelect to give users easy, efficient access to lyrics and chord charts. Once SongSelect is connected to a ministry's account, users can access SongSelect materials across any of the three apps without having to connect each time. (The materials you have access to through SongSelect are dependent on which SongSelect plan your church is subscribed to.)

To connect to SongSelect from within the Music Stand mobile app, navigate to the app's main settings. To get there, click the  three-lined icon in the top left corner of the app. Then, click Settings at the very bottom. In the following pop-up window, you'll find a place to connect to SongSelect. Click Connect and sign in with a valid CCLI Profile log-in. (The connection must be established by someone with Admin-level permissions, which is managed in Planning.)

If the account is already connected to SongSelect, your CCLI account name will be listed under SongSelect® Connection.

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