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SongSelect Integration

All three WorshipTools apps – Presenter, Music Stand, and Planning – connect to CCLI's SongSelect® library to give our users easy, efficient access to lyrics and chord charts. The connection is shared across all apps and all users under the account, so you only need to establish the connection once.

To establish the connection to SongSelect, you must be a WorshipTools Administrator. If you are not an Admin, please contact an Admin for help.

Open the Music Stand mobile app and head to the app's main settings. You can get there from the Music Stand homepage by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner and Settings. On the Settings page, scroll down to Integrations, click Connect, and sign in with an active CCLI Profile login.


If your SongSelect is connected but you suddenly cannot import materials, it could be a couple of different issues. You may have exceeded your SongSelect quota, or your link may have been severed. Please click on the Related Articles below for instructions based on your specific error message.

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